Specialised in payroll, personnel benefits and taxes admin and labour law and procedures consultancy.

We are experts in tax, labour and pension/social security law in Brazil and in the particularities and procedures for financial market companies and their directors, staff, interns, agency-managed staff and apprentices, be them local or expatriates.

• Management all documents required for hiring and maintaining staff
• Electronic registry and maintenance of personnel
• Accessory labour and pension/social security obligations
• Salary, advancements and profit sharing payroll
• Payroll taxes and fees
• Personnel expenses accounting and conciliation
• Staff online portal with access to HR managers, with paperless payroll and payslip options
• Payroll processing contingency services
• Brazilian payroll information management directly with the international headquarter offices, in the case of multinational companies

• Benefits management
• Labour and class union agreements negotiation and management (including profit sharing agreements)

• Production of flexible management reports to suit different needs and procedures

• Payroll and labour consultancy
• Advisory to expatriate employees about local legal procedures and obligations

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